Bench Warmer
From what I understand, its a liscense plate. Why would that sell for more than $100. I also just bought an autographed mini-football on NFL auctions for 16 bucks tonight:D

Yeahh... f that. There are many things Id blow a g on before a liscnce plate. Like maybe a new bicycle?!?! Or.... hmmm.. so many things!


Bench Warmer
I know when the Indiana released the Colts plates the player numbered plates were auctioned off as well. They were also crazy priced.


Bench Warmer
Only thing I am thinking is beings it is for charity and is over a certain amount that some or all of it can be a tax write-off? I know some stuff at the Eagles Carnival Silent auction went crazy high (5X or more what it should have) for that reason

What you pay for things you win in charity auctions CANNOT be used as a tax write-off. You aren't donating money to charity, you're buying something.