did any of you guys ever hear anything else about this?
the media is so racist this story doesnt say it and you didnt hear it anywhere else really but this was a huge group of black people and they murdered a latino man(this is not an assumption because the celebration was for the emancipation proclimation, there is video of it)
if some white people had killed anybody, let alone someone of a different race, we would never hear the end of it
i bet good money we dont hear what al sharpton thinks about this
After our Juneteenth celebration this past week, there was a small riot. Unfortunately the camera crews were already gone, but they compared it to the riot after the Juneteenth celebration a few years ago. Anyways, an innocent latino man was pulled out of his car and beaten. There was no reason reported, but they had him on the news last night. The guy suffered a broken nose, and both eyes were swollen shut and were pure red. He had stitches under his eyes, but was alive. Apparently he has a few surgeries to go to for the facial damage.