Baseball WOW......thats a lot!


Bench Warmer
I just bought a special pack sealed at a flea market today that was a 1994 Flair. I got it for $4. So not that bad when the guy told me the packs go for $50 each. I thought that was too much and the guy just wanted to make a sale so i got the pack, there is a chance to get a Alex Rodriguez RC in it. I didn't think I would really get it but when i came home i looked on e-bay to see the price of the pack and what it went for, if it went for over $20 i probably would sell it on-line it turns out that they went for $3 to $4 a piece so i said you know what, whats the worst that can happen so i opened the pack and i got the Alex Rodriguez RC! WOW didn't see that coming, and I go on-line again because I was thinking about getting it graded because it was in perfect condition, then i see this:

1994 FLAIR #340 ALEX RODRIGUEZ RC BGS 10 - (eBay item 300165219403 end time Nov-24-07 15:02:49 PST)

WOW thats a lot of money I get my cards graded by beckett too! but my luck it would probably turn out to be 9 or 9.5 but still I think it was pretty good for $4!!!!!