Basketball Wow Idiots on E-Bay....

the guy really doesnt say anything not IS indeed Jordans TOPPS rookie LOL is it misleading? YES...but I have seen that card go for $25-$50 pretty regularly...then it will drop to $20 or comes in spurts....

the GOLD version of that card is actually pretty rare and MJ collector REALLY will pay a lot for it
Sportscardstars-- Do you know where I can find a box of 92-93 Topps Archives Basketball.... I was 10 then and couldn't afford it... would love to bust it today!

AC-N-Mike- It's funny cuz its true! I know I have the topps Archives somewhere, but I have the UD "Cards That Never Where" RC sitting in one of my trade boxes.... gets the newbie collectors everytime! LOL! Honestly think these are cool ideas by the company, I still love my 84 Donruss Marino made in 96!
GRADED that card is worth a nice chunk of change.... it's tough to find them centered THAT well I have had a few and NOTHING close to that condition