Wow, first game on NBA 2k8 for PS3 online


Bench Warmer
Ok, I am hooked up to my PC again, and wow!
I played one game of NBA 2k8 for PS3 online, and it was amazing!!!! At the start of the game I got of to a quick lead (10-2) well that all changed He came back and took a 14 point lead well, that didn't last I came back, and it said close the rest of the game, and with 7.2 seconds left I hit the Game winning three pointer with Dwyane Wade! It was a great experience! Best compation I've had in a while. It was great! Just thought I'd share, hey does anyone have NBA 2k8 for PS3, and have online, pm me if you'd like to play!
I also have madden come in, so lmk!