Wow, first for me, got an angry phone call at 6:40 am


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had not even finished my morning cup of tea, phone rings, figure my wife calling so pick it up, say what do you want bitch (just kidding).

So anyway, say hello, this guys voice says is this Laidlaw? I say yeah (people used to just call me by my last name in college, don't know why so I answer to it). Angry guy continues, well you left my son (at this point i'm anxiously waiting for Chris Hanson to come in), he normally goes to such and such school. Soooooooo, I simply say, umm, you've reached a residence, not the bus company. He says, but you said your name was Laidlaw. :doh: Yeah it is, but I am not related in any way to the bus company, so just laughed and hung up. Of course while on the phone the dogs were drinking out of my tea cup *#*$&#&^#*


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Funny! Saw some Laidlaw buses last night and though of you and wondered if your family was in any way related to the bus company. I said, "Nah." I guess I was right.


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Should have played along and made up some story about why you "left the kid at school."

Hadn't finished my tea yet :D Found it more amusing, guy seemed to not be able to figure out what to do. Almost told him, why don't you drive his ass to school and make sure he is at the bus stop on time next time :D


Shoulda said "Sorry I had a late night drinking, you'll have to excuse me."


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He must be related to the doofuses back in the '96 election who threatened to boycott Dole Pineapple because they didn't like Bob Dole the presidential candidate :lollol::lollol::lollol::lollol::lollol:


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i would have busted out laughing on the phone once i realized who he was really looking for

did the dogs get hyper off your tea?