Woman Beats Off Shark


Bench Warmer

(May 18, 2007)--A woman who was attacked by a shark on a West Australian reef says all she could think of was beating it off before it could attack her teenage son who was wading alongside or the three-year-old on her hip.

The eight-foot shark lacerated the heel and calf of Becky Cooke, a 38-year-old mother of five, as she waded across a coral reef with two of her sons at remote Warra Beach, south of Coral Bay, on Wednesday.

From her bed in Royal Perth Hospital on Friday she described how scared she had been when she realized she had been bitten and her spreading blood could attract more sharks.

Cooke said her main worry was the shark might attack her children.

She said she did not feel the pain until she reached the shore where she was given first aid, helped by her husband, family friends and two volunteer conservation officers who turned up at the beach just moments before the attack.

Cooke was scheduled for surgery Friday on the severe calf wounds.
now (and since she is ok) if you read that in conjunction with the story of how female hammerhead sharks can fertilize their own eggs..... :D