Why the Local "Mom and Pop" Card Shops are going under...


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There are a plethora of reasons why the Mom and Pop LCS are going under, but here in our area, here are a couple of the main reasons (okay, my personal opinion, but I am sure you can relate to this when you visit your LCS).

- Magic Tournaments every weekend... let me rephrase that... starting late Thursday afternoon and running into the wee-hours of Monday Morning, our LCS has a "Magic Tournament". That's over 72 hours of sweaty, non-bathing, fanatics that swear, throw punches (yes, I took my two step boys to the LCS last fall and watched a guy actually throw a couple of punches when the other player did a celebration dance), and take over the LCS to the point that nobody can get in the door. The Fire Marshall would have a field day if he walked in on a Saturday Morning only to find 50-plus people in an area that, at best, can hold 20 to 25 on a normal business day.

- Comic Books. Nothing against comic books, or the people that read them, but what use to be a sports card section has become a comic book mecca. Not vintage... oh no, it's all new releases. And yet, over the last 10 years, I have only seen a handful of people in the comic book section.

- Pricing. Yes, pricing. Because it is a "Mom and Pop" style LCS they cannot afford to buy cases of products, so they purchase from a third party company, thereby having to purchase the product at a mark-up, plus shipping, then having to mark-up the product themselves to a price that just makes it impossible to sell. Oh sure, Dad takes Junior to the LCS on a Saturday morning (pushing through the "Magic" crowd) only to pay $4.50 for a pack of 2014 Topps Baseball, or worse yet, $7.00 - $10.00 for a pack of 2014 Black Diamond Hockey. Seriously? YES! The last time I was there they were asking $14.95 for a pack of the 2015 Press Pass NASCAR (the last release by Press Pass). This is how bad it is... go to Blow Out Cards and look at any product... add approximately $50.00 - $65.00 and you will have the LCS shelf price. I stopped buying the Allen and Ginter products when the LCS was asking over $200.00 for the 2014 product when it was released. Here's a current example: Blow Out Cards has the 2014 Panini Black Gold Football Hobby Box on sale for $167.77 (Regular Price: $199.99). Currently you can pick up the "last box" at the LCS for $310.00... sad.

So, there you have it... Magic, Comic Books, and ridiculous pricing.

And on a daily basis, the LCS post on FaceBook that they cannot pay their bills this month due to lack of customers...

which brings me to another reason... FaceBook... get off FaceBook and greet the customer... talk to the customer... nuff said!


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It's just so much easier to buy online now, I can't knock the shops for going after something like the Magic Tournaments, that's what brings the warm bodies (and their wallets) through the door.


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It's the nature of capitalism...higher volume venders can simply out compete the little guy because they can have lower prices. It is the same reason that Wal-Mart rolls into small towns and completely destroys all the smaller businesses.