Why do some ebay buyers get cranky when you ask for payment


Bench Warmer
I don't get it, a buyer wins an auction of yours. You have guidelines when payment is due. After invoice is sent and the payment deadline has passed you still haven't recieved payment.

I sent this message:

Per auction guidelines payment is to be made within 48hrs after auction ends. It's past that mark, please make payment before claim is filed.


Pretty nice I thought, and my here's the reply I get, of course after I send this I get some kind of response:

"Just hope you ship as fast at you DEMAND payment...WOW"

I mean really, how old are we sometimes. In no way did I demand, I followed Ebay Policies and my auction guidelines. I just don't get some people


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i don't get it either bj...on my auctions, if they don't pay within 3 days, they find their way to the blocked list.