Who would you start . . .


as a third RB for the wildcard RB/WR position:

Chris Brown against New Orleans or Cadillac Williams against St. Louis?


chris brown, didnt caddy get a little gimpy last week?

Yeah, minor sprain, but he's expected to play.

I'm torn b/c week 1 Chris Brown had a big day and Caddy was nowhere to be found. Week two they were reversed and Caddy had a bid day meanwhile Chris Brown got me nothing.

I was leaning towards Caddy because of the playing time issue, but want some input on such a potentially life-changing decision


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Chris Brown scares me because of Lendale White. I don't think Caddy has to worry about anyone else...just not getting hurt.


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Caddy. C Brown may put up big numbers or no numbers. Caddy is a lot safer.