Who will be the tougher 3????


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from a value/hype standpoint?

The 2006 Class of Leinart, Bush, Young


The 2007 Class of Russell, Johnson, Quinn

and why?
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Value wise, in terms of pre season hype, this class does not carry the water of last year's class....

I'm more asking because I'm thinking about doing the Class marks auto set but wasn't sure which year to go after...

PS: Brett, could you stop posting for two days so I can catch up with your post count?:D
The Bush/Leinart/Young class would be the set to put together. This year's class will have a lot of rookies who will have a tough time or have to split time at the start of their careers (similar to Smith/Brown/Caddy draft).
This is a serious discussion on how Cris7401 is going to spend his hard-earned money. Not a sig contest, Brent. And Lisa has us both beaten anyways.


I know...just let me win because I don't have the cash to get SPA's.....quantity over quality, i think that is how it goes.... right?;)