Who is Tarvaris Jackson going to throw the ball to?



I was having trouble naming one WR on the Vikings other than Troy Williamson , so I thought I would look it up. After seeing the WR's they have on their roster I think Tarvaris Jackson is going to be handing the ball off a lot this year, or else throwing to the RB's coming out of the back field. He better be a good scrambler.

Bobby Wade is a starter! :lollol:

14 Allison, Aundrae WR 6-0 198 East Carolina Kannapolis, NC
11 Carter, Jason WR 6-0 205 Texas A&M Caldwell, TX
17 Hamilton, Paris WR 6-1 195 Minnesota Houston, TX
16 Hankton, Cortez WR 6-0 200 Texas Southern New Orleans
86 Lowber, Todd WR 6-3 205 Rampo College Riverside, NJ
12 McMullen, Billy WR 6-4 215 Virginia Richmond, VA
15 Nance, Martin WR 6-3 212 Miami (Ohio) Maryland Heights, MO
18 Rice, Sidney WR 6-3 200 South Carolina Gaffney, SC
13 Surrency, Justin WR 6-0 182 Northern Iowa St. Paul, MN
19 Wade, Bobby WR 5-10 190 Arizona Phoenix, AZ
89 Williams, Chandler WR 5-10 184 Florida International Miami, FL
82 Williamson, Troy WR 6-1 203 South Carolina Aiken, SC

I think the 2006 Ohio State Buckeyes had a better group of WR's than anyone on this current Vikings team.


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It will be interesting to see how Minny plays this season. I believe they have a solid defense and a great O-Line with two very good options at RB.

I think WR is a bit overrated as a position of importance, but with Jackson at QB that could be a bit much for an offense to handle.


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You could've asked me Jeff, since I live in MN.

Bobby Wade = :dance:

Aundrae Allison = :dance:

Troy Williamson = :dance:

Sidney Rice = :broccoli:

It just depends if Tavaris or Brooks can get it to them. 5-11 for the Queens this year. Put it in the books.:salut: