Football Who do you hope your team DOESNT draft

ok so while we wait for the draft.. after reading mock draft after mock draft.. what player does it show your team possibly picking that you hope your team doesnt pick.

for me being a Seahawks fan I have seen Jimmy Clausen's name even as high as the 6th pick. Yuck he couldnt win at ND I dont see hime winning with the Hawks. Or atleast not enough to render getting drafted that high.


Bench Warmer
I want Claussen in Buffalo. Won't happen as they'll take an OL or a DT and then reach for Tebow in round 2


Bench Warmer
Too late now, I guess. But I'll say that I'm glad that my Steelers did not draft a WR, QB, or LB in the first round. Steelers front office does not have good instincts for choosing WRs early in the draft, period. Don't need to pick-and-pray on Tebow or Clausen (I don't see either of those two having much of a career.) And the Steelers don't need to pay first-round prices for any LB when they can draft a 4th-rounder and train him into Pro Blower in 1-2 seasons!