Football Who are you collecting in 2013?


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The 2013 NFL Draft will be here in no time, who are you going to be collecting from the 2013 Draft class? I will be looking for University of Michigan players (mainly Denard Robinson) and whoever the New York Giants draft.
Ryan Nassib!!! Much like Andrew Luck, Ive been following him for a while, I already have him in my sig :D
Amen, maybe time to go after one thise QBs!

I don't see that happening, unless it's in one of the later rounds. I'd rather see them get a defensive tackle, or an interior lineman first and second. I wouldn't even kick up too much of a fuss if they got another lineman in the 3rd. After that, I'm open to discussion.

As far as quarterback, though, I'd really like to see them wait and make a move on Johnny Football Manziel when he enters the draft. That, however, will depend on how long of a deal they're about to give Romo. I expect them to give him something that covers him for at least the next 3 years (maybe even more). JJ did say he wanted Romo to retire a Cowboy.
Nassib is a real good QB, any guesses where you think he will end up?
Well.. Theres something about a former coach of his in Buffalo, but the team appearantly arent keen on him. But that would have been my best guess lol.. I just hope I can land the team(what ever it may be) in a group break or two when the time comes :p