White Whale List


Bench Warmer
OK not sure if there is one of these but I like the idea of knowing what people are looking for so when I'm looking around ebay, other sites, card shops, etc. I'll know if I'm looking at a card someone needs. This is more designed for specific cards since there is another thread for player/team collectors.

Post your cards you are actively seeking.
As of 6/12/2007

To complete 2005 Leaf Longevity master sets:

Leonard Weaver Emerald Parallel RC #d/99 (never seen it)
David Greene Sapphire Parallel RC #d/150 (lost the 1 I saw)

To complete 2006 Bowman Chrome near-master sets (minus 1/1's)

Kelly Jennings Red Refractor #d/5 (never seen it)
Darryl Tapp Gold Refractor #d/50 (let cougarwash win the only one I saw thinking another would show up...)
Darryl Tapp Red Refractor #d/5 (never seen it)

2006 Leaf Limited Darryl Tapp print plates (have 2, need 2)
2006 Leaf Limited Darryl Tapp Monikers autos #d/25 (have 7, lost 1, coug has 2, seahawlcha has 1. I want the other 14) :rambo:
2006 Elite Kelly Jennings Status Gold #d/24 (non-auto version)
04 Playoff Prime Sigs Steven Jackson
04 Ultimate Collection Steven Jackson
04 Sweet Spot Steven Jackson
04 Hot Prospects GUESS WHO?
2005 SPA Black Wes Welker #/10
2001 Contenders NO AUTO rc Ticket Jamar Fletcher #/50
Any Oronde Gadsdens I dont have.

didnt put any 1/1s b/c they are always Whales
Weathersby needs:
03 Prestige Green /25
03 UD MP Silver
03 Contenders Champ Ticket Auto /1
Any Nationals Promos /1

2004 Pristine gold refs
Any /10 except Berrian & Devery Henderson.