White Whale List


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OK not sure if there is one of these but I like the idea of knowing what people are looking for so when I'm looking around ebay, other sites, card shops, etc. I'll know if I'm looking at a card someone needs. This is more designed for specific cards since there is another thread for player/team collectors.

Post your cards you are actively seeking.


Bench Warmer
As of 6/12/2007

To complete 2005 Leaf Longevity master sets:

Leonard Weaver Emerald Parallel RC #d/99 (never seen it)
David Greene Sapphire Parallel RC #d/150 (lost the 1 I saw)

To complete 2006 Bowman Chrome near-master sets (minus 1/1's)

Kelly Jennings Red Refractor #d/5 (never seen it)
Darryl Tapp Gold Refractor #d/50 (let cougarwash win the only one I saw thinking another would show up...)
Darryl Tapp Red Refractor #d/5 (never seen it)

2006 Leaf Limited Darryl Tapp print plates (have 2, need 2)
2006 Leaf Limited Darryl Tapp Monikers autos #d/25 (have 7, lost 1, coug has 2, seahawlcha has 1. I want the other 14) :rambo:
2006 Elite Kelly Jennings Status Gold #d/24 (non-auto version)


Massive Jackson Stalker
04 Playoff Prime Sigs Steven Jackson
04 Ultimate Collection Steven Jackson
04 Sweet Spot Steven Jackson
04 Hot Prospects GUESS WHO?


Bench Warmer
2005 SPA Black Wes Welker #/10
2001 Contenders NO AUTO rc Ticket Jamar Fletcher #/50
Any Oronde Gadsdens I dont have.

didnt put any 1/1s b/c they are always Whales


Collector Planet Original
Transactions: 2
Weathersby needs:
03 Prestige Green /25
03 UD MP Silver
03 Contenders Champ Ticket Auto /1
Any Nationals Promos /1

2004 Pristine gold refs
Any /10 except Berrian & Devery Henderson.