where is jmatt33

James DeBusk

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hey,I wanna put out an APB on my buddy jmatt33... I've not seen him on here in over two weeks and I'm just a little bit worried.He's a regular on here so I know something's up...can anybody help ? Even if he's not gonna be on here anymore,I'd like to know if he's okay :/
He last logged in on Friday. Maybe life just has him tied up lately. I'm sure we've probably all noticed his absense lately. I know I have. @Jmattt33, where are you buddy!
Lol. Ive been around a little. Still a little more quiet than I want to be. But I promise to be making a little noise here soon. Been bustin some boxes and expanding my Tavon PC. Which I def. will need to show off soon. Topped (30) autos just the other day. :). I know me and Mr. Debusk have a trade to work out. And I know I need to jump in on some group breaks here soon. But know this, I am here, sneaking between threads, waiting for my chance to POP up and say hello. lol. Who would ever want to leave this site for good anyway? Too many GREAT people around here. Talk with you guys soon.