When applying for a new job...

should i go ahead and apply for seasonal jobs, knowing that most likely i am going to be let go when they don't need me anymore, or should i stick with my old job and gut it out until the holiday season is over? i was planning on applying and seeing what i can get...but i don't want to just have a job for maybe a month and then be let go. just wondering what everyone else thinks. thanks!

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When I worked at Target, we hired seasonal help for the holiday seasons. After which, we let most go, but kept a few. Most seasonal help I have run into dont care about the job, or leave before the holidays are over. The hardest working ones were kept because good labor is hard to find. So there is a chance you may be kept on after the fact. I suggest asking if there is such a chance before getting hired.


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i agree with jameson

find out if there is a possibility to stay on afterwards. good help is definately hard to find so even if they let you go, they can call you back for permanent placement later


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I'm sure none of these are jobs you are targeting as careers so it never hurts to better your immediate situation in times like these. If you can apply for things that pay better without jeoprodizing your current job then go for it. Entry level positions for people that are responsible and punctual will always be available.