What's going on here?


Bench Warmer
There have been no new posts since yesterday afternoon on this computer....but on the computer I was on for most of the day, everything was working fine. Any of you mods know what I could look at on my end to fix this?
This is really weird

This account wasn't allowing me to post or pm before, so I made a new one (CanadianJetsFan)

But I tried to log in and it didn't work so I read this and figured it had been deleted

So I thought might as well give posting with this a shot and it finally worked:dance:
actually, I am trying to get it restored (we will see). I think what happened is sometime yesterday our server data got moved to the new servers, but we were still posting new data to the old servers. I did not change our DNS info (which I believe tells the site where to go) until recently, so what happened is all the posts after they moved until I switched us over are on the old servers :drunk:



so i have 2 PMs in purgatory?

got email notifications but none in my box...

i also deleted my sent PMs and they returned...

until about 45 minutes ago the newest thread showing for me was 4:5? a.m. it did show 1 or 2 other members active?? back to current now so all's well.