What other hobbies do you have?


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Besides collecting, I was just wondering what everyone else does with their free time. I play softball three days a week and am on a bowling team. Not to mention being a family man with a wife and three kids.
Well, I'm not sure if I'm involved enough for it to be called a hobby but I recently purchased a new camera and have started dabbling in photography quite a bit. I'm also big into hunting, especially deer hunting, and fishing. During the summer I spend almost all of my weekends out at our deer lease getting things ready for the upcoming hunting season and fishing with my boys on the ol' tank. Other than that, I just relax with the family at home.
Well, I've only had the camera for a few weeks now. I've taken, literally, thousands of pictures of various things. However, the only "real" photographs I've taken so far were out at the lease of my family. I didn't really have any ideas what I was doing so they look extremely amateur. Luckily, though, my experience with photoshop has been able to help "some" of it out. I think we're going out for another photo session this weekend. This time, before the sun is directly overhead.
I dabble in theatre community theatre (amateur) mostly acting, directing and some tech work. I prefer the acting and directing so I don't do the tech work much anymore it burned me out. My other "Collection" hobbies are DVDs, books and some sci-fi stuff. I used to collect buttons (the pinback "badges" not the clothing type which some poeple collect) and when I was a kid dabbled w/ stamp and coin collecting.
I dabble in theatre community theatre (amateur) mostly acting, directing and some tech work. I prefer the acting and directing so I don't do the tech work much anymore it burned me out.

I actually work at our county auditorium. We have quite a few plays and theatrical variety shows here. When we do have shows, I am the stage manager. When I first started here I was the lighting technician, but when our stage manager moved up to building manager I got his job. Running the lights did get a bit boring sometimes, but there were always shows coming in that weren't too concerned about the lighting and would just let me "do my own thing". Those shows are always fun. Now that I'm on the stage, though, it's something different all the time.
Well.. Got a century :LOL:

I collect DVD's, Blu-Rays and HD-DVD(which they stopped making) I've got around 1500 so far.

I collect action figures and statues of movie/TV characters and athletes.

Collect posters too.

And wrestling.. anything wrestling related.. so cards, figures, DVD's, VHS etc.

Huge Star Trek nerd..

I love conventions, going to get autographs, finding figures, games, dvds and what ever :)

Video Games. Old and new. I've got 8 console so far and a PSP.

I draw.. And I write. But the writing isn't really a hobby. It'll (hopefully) be work and not hobby someday.

Very nice Mark, you should see my collection of wrestling figures. I have the first 6 or 7 series of the Jakks figures still mint in the boxes, along with various ones from other series.
Kirk, what are some of the plays that you have been in?

Quite a few "Arsenic & Old Lace", "The Fantasticks" (twice), and a few others. Here is my complete Theatre Resume on my personal website http://klandersen.com/trez.html yes it is updated. The last show I did anything with was the production of "The Odd Couple" I directed. I didn't do any theatre last year. I'm taking a bit of a break because my current work schedule gives me little time to get to rehearsals/Friday shows. I also haven't seen much lately.
I forgot to mention my Records and CDs. Now it's mostly CDs but I still have tons of Vinyl and cassette tapes. Been ages since I've actually listened to vinyl. Partly because it's been ages since my turntable/stereo has been hooked up. Don't really have "listening" time anymore.
i play basketball, flag football and always read and collect any ww2. my grandfather was a gunner/flight eng. in a b-26. 25 missions shot down twice. hes my hero i joined the army because of him.