What not to do if stranded in a flood-related queue


Bench Warmer
For those who may not have read my other thread - Kettering got flooded! I was on-call and finished at 6.30 when we knew it was gridlocked trying to get out of town! My fatal mistake was to go to the nearby chip shop (fries shop!) whilst stuck in the queue and get a doner kebab, thinking home might be 2 hours away! Hadn't had one for years and did not fancy a chip supper.

Half-way through the doner I remembered just why it was years since I had had one:sick: Couldn't finish it and had to spend an hour in the car with it stinking the gaff up! 3 days on and my car still wreaks of the smell. At least I got kudos off the missus by not hurling it out of the window of the car in front of loads of locals:salut:

Which prat invented the beast that is a Doner Kebab:ban:
For a second there Paul I thought it said a "boner kebab" :doh:

Props to you for not chucking it out the window in public...I would have.