What is your consecutive game streak?


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How many games in a row have you kept up with your team in live action?

The Alabama streak here is 91. The last game I missed was the 2000 Vandy game. Had to miss it to go to something called "The Cherry Blossom Festival." It was terrible. Wasn't old enough to say "eff this, I ain't going." Bad part is the people who dragged me to it don't even remember it :doh:


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Not "live" as in at the game, but on television I haven't missed a single game in I cannot even remember when.


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I missed the Hawks v. Niners game on the NFLN last season, because even though I had the NFLN they chose to not carry the game :ban: (Why I switched to DIRECTTV)

The last UCLA game I missed was Arizona last year because their was no TV coverage in my parts (Another reason I switched to DIRECTTV).

Very impressive streak :salut:


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Up til this year I have seen every Michigan game since 2001ish, but was not able to watch App State, and simply turned off the Oregon game. If I had Big Ten Network I would still watch them


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I'm breaking a streak today. :(:(:(:( I've been to 14 straight Giants home games but have to go to a wedding today so the streak will have to start over. Pisses me off cause it turns out I could go to the game today and the wedding afterwards but my ticket was already gone when I found this out yesterday.

As for watching on TV, I can't even remember the last itme I missed a game. YEARS and YEARS and YEARS.


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For ND its was about 15, but missed the GT game, luckily caught the UCLA game thanks to usstream.tv For the Eagles its 6, missed 3 quarters of the Falcons game last year because I was in FL and they switched it to a better game cause the Eagles benched all starters