Hockey What is the difference between 07-08 Ultra Hobby & Retail?


Bench Warmer
Found a real good deal I think on a box of 07-08 Ultra Retail....Was wondering what the main difference is between the Hobby & Retail?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hobby Box odds:

24 Packs per box, 8 Cards per Pack
Look for an average of 6 Rookie Cards per box. Plus, get a Rookie Redemption card for a player who debuts early in the 07/08 season. Find Gold Medallion parallels of the regular set - averaging 1 per pack. Look for low-numbered Ice Medallions too. Grab 2 jersey or signature cards per box on average, featuring Fresh Ink autograph card. Also look for Flair Showcase insert cards - 3 levels in all!!!

Base Set:
o 200 Regular Cards
o Ultra Rookies 1:4
o Ultra Rookie Redemptions 1:24

Signature & Memorabilia cards
o Ultra Uniformity 1:18
o Ultra Uniformity Patch - numbered to 25
o Fresh Ink Autographs 1:36

o Gold Medallion Regular Cards 1:1
o Gold Medallion Ultra Rookies 1:12
o Gold Medallion Ultra Rookie Redemptions 1:288
o Ice Medallion Regular Cards - numbered to 100
o Ice Medallion Ultra Rookies - numbered to 100
o Ice Medallion Ultra Rookie Redemptions - numbered out of 100

o Flair Showcase - Upper Level - 1:14
o Flair Showcase - Lower Level - 1:27
o Flair Showcase - Executive Lounge 1:80
o Hot Gloves 1:288
o Hot Numbers 1:288
o Scoring Kings 1:18
o Difference Makers 1:18
o Ultra Action 1:36
o Season Crowns 1:36


Bench Warmer
2007-08 Fleer Ultra Hockey Trading Cards Retail

5 Cards per Pack

24 Packs per Box

Ultra Rookies (1:6)
Ultra Rookie Redemptions (1:72)
Ultra inserts (1:6 - Scoring Kings, Difference Markers, Ultra Action, Season Crowns)
Ultra Uniformity jersey cards (1:36)
Fresh Ink signature cards (1:720)
Gold Medallion parallels (1:1 - Regular Cards (1:2)
Gold Medallion Rookies (1:24)
Gold Medallion Rookie Redemptions (1:720).