What do you do when you pay for insurance and it comes uninsured?

What do you do if you pay for insurance & it comes uninsured?

  • It arrived safely, so nothing.

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  • Request a refund for insurance from seller.

    Votes: 14 77.8%
  • Leave negative/neutral feedback

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  • None of the above

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Some sellers just forget to look how much the buyer paid in s/h sometimes. I have done it. I'm sure others have as well.

I'd let the seller know and he should refund you the money. I definitely ask or let the seller know about it though.

Also sometimes the seller may have his business insured or have another company besides usps insure his packages so i dont think it would show up on the package.


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Depending on how it was sent, some insurancxe may be built in. Contact him.


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The package was sent using PayPal labels, which indicate if it is insured (they say insured). Also, I did not have to sign for it ;)


if it was sent with paypal then it would have said insured on it but the seller might have an outside insurance agent. Usually though it would state in the auction or in the invoice.

At least it had delivery confirmation. I have been getting alot of packages without d/c which is dumb on the sellers part.