What a shame........


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COLUMBIA, South Carolina - A woman and her father were gunned down outside a suburban mall by a man accused of stalking the woman, police said. Authorities were still searching for the shooter.

The shooting happened around 6:45 p.m. Wednesday in the parking lot in front of the mall's main entrance, Columbia Police Chief Dean Crisp said.

Michael James Young Jr. confronted the woman at the mall, then followed her into the parking lot, where he shot the woman and her father, Crisp said.

Young was free on a $75,000 (?56,000) bond after being arrested June 5 and charged with stalking the woman.

Robert Bell, 49, was shot several times and died at the scene, while his daughter was taken to the hospital, where she was able to talk to investigators, authorities said. Police have not released the woman's name.

Her condition was not known late Wednesday.

Young, 21, was last seen driving away in a green Honda Accord, police said.

Columbiana Centre is the anchor of one of Columbia's busiest retail centers. The mall has more than 110 stores.

The mall remained open after the shooting, officials said.

I think everyone has a prob with the fact that it gets old having the cops tell you theres not much they can do till "something" happens. Yet when "something" happens, its usually stuff like this.