Went to get my cases of BC and opened 3 tins of 06 Topps Sterling


Bench Warmer
I saw three sitting there, so I just had to rip them.

The first tin was a Nolan Ryan tin.

The hit card was just plain game-used (will post a scan later) #10/10

mystery pack was a Mickey Mantle white #/50

The second tin was a Barry Bonds tin.

The hit card - another plain game-used #/10

mystery pack was awesome - I open it, and it was a Cut from the Same Cloth Cut Auto of Mickey Mantle - flipped it over and a cut auto and game-used of Roger Maris #3/5!!!!!!!

The last tin was another Barry Bonds tin.

Hit card - another plain game-used #/10

mystery pack was a cut game used baseball auto of Lou Brock.

I'll post all scans later. I'm excited. 3rd cut card in 2 days!


Bench Warmer
I'm not really supposed to have the cases (my dealer let me have them early), but I'll probably only show the break on TCG tonight around 6 PM PST.