Well Atlanta fans, it just got worse...



Shockley is out for the year. LINK

Can a call to Jeff George be in the near future? Chris Chandler...lol? Just brutal news. This is exactly why you dont trade a solid backup with starting ability.


Bench Warmer
Why, backups won't see the field anyway :D Everyone forgets the pounding Joey has taken in Detroit and to a degree Miami, yet never failed to bounce up and go on. As long as Algea, Dunn and the line stay healthy falcons will be fine in Petrino's new scheme :D


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Ouch! That's not good for us Atlanta fans (and there's not many of us to begin with).

The silver lining:
-we didn't exactly give Schaub away. We did get Justin Blalock(already our starting LG), and a 2nd rounder next year(which should be high-2nd).
-we should get a ton of $$ back after the Vick situation plays out. And since most think he was the most overpaid player in the NFL, that will be huge for the Falcons.
-plus every year there's a couple of teams who are predicted to be terrible and have good seasons ('06 Saints, '06 Jets). We COULD be one of those teams this year. If not, we get a high draft pick!