week 7 inactives


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but he will be suiting up i think....these guys are the ones in street clothes...VY may be an emergency QB but he wasnt on the list yet

Ok, gotcha:salut:

BTW, though I'm cheering for the Titans today against Houston, it's nice that if DeMeco gets into the backfield he'll have an easier target:cheers:


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Vince Young is active, but Kerry Collins will start in Houston. Eric Moulds and Roydell Williams will see more work with Jones out. LenDale White is a terrific fantasy option with Brown inactive

off NFL.com ;)


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its a great link...usually goes up about an hour before kickoff and helps in setting up a fantasy lineup...takes like 3 minutes to read :batman:

You are right, it is a good link....just got done going through it and was able to pick up LenDale White for one of my leagues:salut:


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I can't find any updates but what the heck is going on with Chris Perry??????:ban:

Was on PUP. Bengals have 3 weeks to activate him or...cut him/put him on IR. Not sure how close he is to being ready but Rudi isnt playing this week. Would love to see Perry active but doubt it. Hopefully he is able to play at some point soon.