Week 1 Fantasy Report, how go your teams?


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Oregon Annual Fantasy League (which has a couple TCGers...)

Jinxing myself, but I'm up 132-65 w/three players to go (Chad Johnson, Vernon Davis, San Fran Def) while our friend David has 4, Leinart, Fitz, Djack and the Ravens Def :doh:. Should be close in the end.


I am trailing monmouth 133-91 with two players left (Chad Johnson and Todd Heapy). Matt is done. Another sad start in this league for both of us.....


I made Elan my bitch in week one.... :shifty: 221-93 with us each having one player left, mine being Vernon Davis, his being Willis McGahee. Unless Willy boy sets a scoring record for our league I am in good shape :D


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I'm up pretty good in the TCG league vs. f8n4tune. Should cruise to a win. In the CCG league, I was in decent shape to beat Ryo, until Plaxico Burress went off last night :doh: Need a huge game from Carson Palmer with many TDs thrown to Chad Johnson tonight. In a league with some buds, I kicked ass first, took names later. Domination:salut:


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tony romo put me over the top in my money league last night. thank god i listened to TO.

And i'm winning pretty comfortably in tcg league. with tj housh, and todd heap on the other team while im up by 29.


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Big Money keeper league...TJ Whoseyourmama came through with a TD and the 50 yard threshold on the same play to win it for me in the 4th quarter. Got my $($(% kicked in the annual league.


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TCG League:

TO saved me with 20 points which was good since Mushin didn't get any. Bouty's team should have won but Brees and Thomas Jones both stunk something awful. 79-58 Win for me.

Booya Grandma:

I made sliq my personal whipping boy :lollol: Witten, Boldin, Portis, brown and SEATTLES DEFENSE got me a comfy 108-65 win.

My money league:

Top 5 all in double digits. Eli, Wayne, TJ, Coles and Westbrook. 112-73 win.

The Seahawks league:

I tried to make a push but having both Evans and Hackett get nothing made it impossible. I fell 91-128.

3-1 in week 1. Not too bad IMO.

Also, a respectable showing in the pick em league (currently 5th) and I survived week 1 of the survival pool.


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some of you guys must have really bonus laden scoring systems
i oly have one league this year and its my money/keeper/friends league
i killed though, plaxico lit it up and i put up the second highest score in the league with 155
the guy who has romo and adrian peterson put up 175 with chris brown on his bench


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Big Ben/AP/Jordan/Andre Johnson and Jason Hanson made me look like a real GM in one of my $ leagues.

Cooley let me down though :( I knew I should have drafted a better TE.


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Beat Tim in my CP/TCG league

Lost to Phil in Brett's league by freaking 2 points :roflmao: (BS that a guy doesnt get any points for 60 combined rush/rec yards and finishes with -5 due to 1 lost fumble) /soapbox

3rd place out of 12 in a points league (no H2h)

Beat Ryan in the TCG Y! league

Dominated Pence in Bama's league