Weathersby, Scheigert, Bone Crusher, Ken A...


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Here are the guys I collect and love.

Dennis Weathersby
Stuart Schweigert
Bernard Pollard
Landon Johnson
Madieu Williams
Gilbert Gardner
Niko Koutouvides
Shaun Phillips
Anthony Spencer
Kyle Orton
Taylor Stubblefield

Ken Anderson
Len Dawson
Rod Woodson
Other Purdue guys (Griese, Brees, Alstott, etc.)

2003 & 2004 Topps Pristine Gold Refractors
Reprint refractors (all sports)
2006 Bowman Sterling refractors (esp. gold)
1958 Topps
1985 Topps (NM only)
what are you looking for on rod woodson? sure ive got plenty of score/proset 89 and 90 of him with some topps sprinkled in and possibly a jersey
Really anything. I am almost embarrassed to mention what I need because I do not have much of him at all. I just started collecting him in the last few months. Sadly I used to have a BGS 9.5 of a card /25 of him. :eek: