Bench Warmer
Ok well here it goes, the director of the golden Compass to come out this December is a man who very much loves black magic and hates God. This man has created the movie the Golden Compass to try to get parents to take their kids to see it and think of it as a family movie and the Director wants kids to see t so they become God haters 2. So please no1 watch this movie!!!
Jesse Villarreal
Someone's religious doctrine does not belong on the boards. This post borders on the edge of fanatacism and religous extremism.
That kind of talk with just cause a huge flame war or arguements. A guys religious beliefs are okay but definitely not on a message board. Two things that get beat down on message boards are religious posts (Satan & God) and Hitler. Most times either one will kill the post.
Thank God (pun intended) this post was pulled.

This kinda crap muddies the boards unnecessarily.

Closed mindedness...'tis a shame.