Warning 20 minutes of your life you wont get back my HOF PC Vids


I like Cards...
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Thanks for watching guys.
Geeze! Some sick cards you have there, Mike! I was only able to watch the first video tonight, so I'll watch the other later. I do have a question, though. How can you say that a Tom Brady auto is one of your favorite cards?! That shouldn't be further from the truth, especially now that you guys have Peyton! :LOL:
Over the years I have lost some nice stuff between a divorce and being robbed. Couple things I learned its all just stuff and can be replaced and second take pics and or vids of everything you have so your insurance can foot the bill lol.
Love the Peytons and Favres (especially the Ultimate Favre lol)

Ive gotta ask.. how many of those Broncos and NT are from your long run with @Crpalmi ?