Wanting Bad!! "Labatts Mini Stanley Cups" & "02-03 BAP MEM Cups"


Bench Warmer
Looking for any and all Labatts Cups from all Years, 1999 Year (27 Cups),
2000-20001 Year (30 Cups), plus any of the 02-03 BAP Memorabilia Cups.
Especially Steve Yzerman '97 Cup from the 02-03 BAP MEM Set.

Can Only trade right now, Please look at my Photobucket for all my
scans of RC's/Game-Used/Auto's/Inserts/FB/BB/BasketBall/Nonsports.
All are for trade.

Please email me at yzerman@telus.net or PM me, I will respond to
you as soon as Possible, will trade in your favor. Thanks. Ken