Wanted: Baltimore/Washington Bullets/Wizards


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I'm not much into basketball collecting except for the Baltimore/Washington Bullets (now Wizards since '97). I would mostly just buy or trade some other sport for them as I have very little if any basketball to trade.

I just collect the Bullets/Wizards Franchise at this time. The only other Basketball I'm even partly interested in is the Virigina Squires (since they were originally the Washington Capitals) and maybe guys who played for them and a limited amount of hoops stars from the 60s/70s that I know of. If I haven't heard of him and he never played for the team(s) I've mentioned I don't want 'em.

NO GUs I've never been much into them anyway and do not want any basketball GU.

So to recap the Basketball I collect:
Baltimore Bullets
Washington Bullets
Washington Wizards (mostly just Topps base)
Virgina Squires
Washington Capitals ABA team (if they have any cards from them since they were late 60s ABA not sure what cards were made of them)
I may Have a collection of Washington Bullets from 1990-present

If you are interested in a trade for them please contact me--- I will go through my basketball box and pull them-- nothing over $5 though-- alot of it is base cards

I also collect Wizards--- I may have some doubles I can trade

Interested, and will trade fairly----
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I don't recall how far this trade had gotten. I think I replied at one time way back when but never heard back.

Since the TCZ site has been revived I'm reviving this request. My Zistle Basketball Collection shows what little Bullets/Wiz cards I have plus a few players who were on the team at one time, or the ocassional vintage card that shows a Bullet "sighting". I am undecided about those "Bullet Sighting" cards as I never did that with the Wizards and won't, I am also debating about collecting vintage Pre-1980 basketball.
I recently acquired a card collection from some friends, it was their son's collection. He moved out a few years ago left the cards in the basement and is now married (I don't think his wife if she knows about the cards would let them in their house). It is almost all early 1990s and stops at mid 90s. Nothing really valuable in the bunch. There were three binders of Football and Baseball cards, plus a full sorting/storage box (like the one in this BCW link http://www.bcwsupplies.com/products/trading-card-boxes/sorting-tray-storage-box.htm) mostly Basketball. Almost not worth it, but hey it was free and there are some cards I can add to my PC. A handful of the cards had water damage and some of those were stuck together so there are a few of those penny cards I'll have to toss into the recycling bin. Almost like buying one of those flat rate boxes off of Ebay, hopefully those don't have water damaged cards.

Most of the collection in the box was Basketball. I have NOT sorted stuff yet so I don't know all the specifics, but I went through the box and oriented all the cards in the same direction. There is a ton of early to mid 1990s Basketball. I plan on sorting by team lots and then either trading, selling or giving away the Non-Bullets cards.

Included in the batch was some 1994-95 Hoops and I was attracted by the Team Logo cards (Card #s 391-420). I will be saving those and will make a list of which ones I still need (right now on my Zistle I have all of them marked as "wanted" even though I have an easy dozen or more of them), the dupes I'll put in the team lots I plan on putting together. Looks like I need the Bullets TC #417 I don't recall seeing it at all.