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Heavily considering an XBox 360. What are the drawbacks of buying this system over some of the newer ones. I am pretty much an idiot about this kind of stuff. My wife wanted to waste money on a Nintendo DS or whatever for my kid, I told her I wanted something I wanted to play too.

Need thoughts and opinions.


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i have Wii and 360

i can play the Wii nicely since i'm game intolerant and can't keep up with games like Halo. but i love watching my bro play Halo.

both double as DVD players so that's a plus too and you don't have to do the Blue Ray thing.

games are cost effective and there is a good selection of them out already.

I'd say 360 more for you, but if you are looking for more the kids, than Wii but i hope you have a thick TV cause kids tend to throw the remotes a lot, in the direction of the tv.


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well i like 360 my only prob with mine and i hope its fixed, IS theres been harware problems i sent mine back twice . This is my 3rd unit now . I do hear tons about Wii and PS3 is starting to get out games now.


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360 IMHO is better however... My buddy has had 4 go bad on him and they replaced them all... and my little brother just had 1 go bad on him in perfect timing... right before christmas. if you want more reliability get a wii.


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I would say either 360 or PS3. I have a PS3 and love it. I was going to buy a 360 but I have tons of ps and ps2 games and wanted one unit to play them all and PS3 does that. Plus the online play for PS3 is free unlike 360 unless the change it.