WANT: Jordan Farmar (w/ link to my collection)

Uploaded some of my Farmar cards... will be adding more in next couple days..
i got dial up so it a slow process..

lots of Ultimate Autos & patchs...
just updated my Jordan Farmars from this weekends mail day..

also added 76 cards from Trilogy 06-07 insert.. please take a look and let me know if you're interested in anything...

* currently looking for high end Farmar's *

also looking for Echelon base & RC's...

especially need "J" from Jordan & "S" from LAKERS.

I believe the letters that spell out LOS ANGELES are all 1/1... ??

JORDAN FARMAR = 12 letters X 7print = 84 print count

LAKERS = 6 letters X 3print = 18 + Los Angeles (1/1 = 10print) = 28 print count

Let me know if I am wrong? Nobody knows exactly what the print runs are...

dissappointed in the "letters" print count... there are 3 "A's" is Jordan Farmar... all have serial /7.. so I would think it should be serial /21, not /7.. how do I know where my letter "A" is supposed to go within the "FULL NAME" ??

let me know where I can find some more JORDAN FARMAR "LETTERS"

thanks for looking out.

Pictures by jpleazme805 - Photobucket
I've got this one if you're interested:

was able to pick up a bunch of FARMAR cards in the last 5 months, problem is,... they are at my house waiting for me to return home from deployment. I am praying they are all in goo condition. I was told one of them had a dent in the corner, becuase the card came out of the card holder. that sucks!! hopefully it is not my 1/1 SPA LETTER I picked up.

Please let me know if you have any for trade. Check out my photo buckket for my collection. Pictures by jpleazme805 - Photobucket if the link doesn't work, search for jpleazme

can't wait to return home to SOCAL! 3 more weeks left of back to back deployments!!