Waaaaa... me wanna box



Man... I want to do a box break so bad I can taste it. I've only bought 3 boxes in my life and they were just cheap ones for fun. I'd like to do a real one with some real $$ cards.

My problem is that I just don't know what to buy and I don't know who to buy it from.

As I mentioned before at the other place, I don't want to get ripped off on box price and I don't know what going prices are.

I also have trust issues. How do you know the local shop hasn't already busted them and then put together a crappy box? Is that possible?
Not if you buy a sealed box. Ask them for one fresh outta the case. Or buy from DACardWorld. They're respected around things and generally will give you a good deal and are not searchers.
I would get one off the internet usualy you can get free shipping if you spend enough and those guys mainly only sell boxes and probably do not bust them. SCCentral.com is a good one.
What box do you want? I can get one for you if you don't have a good shop by you.

Not sure really. I was thinking of something that had some cool Elway stuff but if I struck out I could sell what I did get.

Something like 06 Triple Threads or Nat Treasure or something. Are those spendy? :eek: