Video Games Online


Bench Warmer
heres some questions post ur answers!
What console do you have?
Do you play anygames online?
If so what is your gamertag and what games do you play online?
lmk if some1 plays the same as me we might be able to get a scf tourney up for cards!


Bench Warmer
I have PS2 , PS3 , Xbox , Xbox360 , Gamecube , DS ,,, basically i have every system made except for Wii ... however RESIDENT EVIL (my Fav. game) is coming out soon for Wii , so ill be getting one of those when the RE game comes out! ...

however Im not a Video Game Nut ... I actually almost never play games ... ive probably only played videogames for like an hour in the last Year ... but hopefully i can make time to play RE when it comes out ...