Vick to plead guilty


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Give him the freaking CHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In all seriousness, though. I hope The commish gives him AT LEAST a 3 year ban from the NFL, if not lifetime. I think he's the worst kind of human being, next to rapists, murderers and bad offense there Zeeck!
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By refusing to get involved in Mike's plea bargain, the Commish gives Vick a taste of his own medicine.


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Well Vick can't do this no more...:wasntme::lollol:

For me, that is one of the most sad parts about this whole saga. When he proclaimed to the hills that he had no knowledge about what was happening, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I thought that was very possible...even though he would still be guilty to some extent simply because he was the property owner.

But to be arrogant enough to say he didn't know anything, even telling Arthur Blank and the commish he had no knowledge of it...he deserves what he has coming. I think the most telling part was his speech that his lawyer read on the courthouse steps. Never once did he say he was innocent. It was all about fighting the charges, apologizing to his family and friends about the trouble this has caused, etc.


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One more thought...I almost feel bad for Vick on a way. He has lived his whole life with people telling him how great he is and how he can do no wrong. He probably never heard the word "no", and had no one to teach him right from wrong. That to me is very, very unfortunate.


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i'm just glad this part is over. disappointed for sure, as i was a fan of his footwork moreso than his throwing abilities


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I was watching sportscenter last night, and they were talking about if Vick should be allowed to play in the NFL again.

My thought is if any team even tries to sign him, the NFL should make him donate half of his salary to the Humane Society.

My own opinion of Vick through the years was that he is cocky and arrogant and never really liked him because of that. All of this just reinforces my feelings about that.

I hope the time in jail makes him a better person now that he's been knocked off his pedestal.