Very confused by this seller. Opinions?



So, I won three Exquisite base card lots on Ebay back in mid-April. Here is a link to one of them: Exquisite Lot

I was in touch with the seller and let him know I would be paying on the 20th. I did send payal on the 20th and he left positive feedback for me.

A few weeeks go by and I ask if the cards were shipped. He said "no", there were delays, and he would get it out ASAP. I waited a week, then filed a dispute. I waited aother week with no response and escelated it to a claim. Still no response.

Thing is, it looks like he resold some of the same cards to someone else a few days later- for the saem price and with a BIN. And he left the positive feedback for me AFTER reselling my Is this guy just retarted? If you look, he got hit with 4 negs on purchases around the same time as mine, but has also gotten some positives. WTF?
I love retarts.


Seriously, he is retarded. Hopefully you get a refund. And neg his ass.
Lol...I hate how sarcasm doesnt translate well on the web. I think I shall put quotes around it so it reads: "retarted". My favorite line in any rant/dispute on the BMB is someone calling someone/something "retarted"...:D