various cards not many


5.00 star(s)
not many but some of the better known names want to trade these before i put them away

2021 bowman draft invicta
2 merrill
15 acuna

2021 topps chrome
prismic power 4 harper

2021 topps platinum anniversary
78 romero
139 weems
206 nola
577 rogers
694 mcgwire
174 strasburg refractor
pa-lot taveras AUTO

2021 bowman mega mojo
bcp-29 libertore

2021 contenders
red foil 82 reyes 88/99
pt2-yg yhoswar garcia red foil AUTO 48/75

2022 topps pristine
92 jeter
122 williams
149 yastrzemski
pure power
pp-15 judge

2022 topps series 2
gold 356 verdugo 1464 / 2022
silver pack t87c2-73 yastrzemski

2022 donruss
stars 224 devers
diamond parallel the hit list thl-4 reynolds
diamond parallel unleashed ul-11 arenado
diamond parallel marvels m-1 trout

mainly looking for jazz chisholm but open to pretty much anything send me a im as that way this thread does not get to busy