Utah Man Tasered After Refusing to Sign Ticket


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An internal police investigation is under way after a formal complaint was filed against a Utah state trooper who was videotaped Tasering a man who refused to sign a speeding ticket.

The officer's conduct has been called into question after a videotape of the incident was posted on YouTube.

The video, taken from a Utah Highway Patrol dashboard camera, shows Trooper John Gardner using a Taser on Jared Massey during a traffic stop on State Road 40 in Uintah County on Sept. 14.

"We do have an open internal review, or investigation, of the case," Sgt. Jeff Nigbur, a spokesman for the Utah Department of Public Safety, told FOXNews.com. "We're trying to expedite that to get that done as quickly as possible. If the trooper acted inappropriately we will definitely, absolutely, take the appropriate measures to resolve that."




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Bench Warmer
ha, ha!! funny stuff! Sorry, but if that fool would have just signed the ticket or did what the cops told him to do than none of this would have happened. These cops put their lives on the line every day and there is no telling the difference between "normal" people with the crazy's of the world.