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As many of you know, my dad has been pretty sick lately. Well with him being sick and all, we decided that we would like to do something fun. My dad knows someone very high up in the Sonics organization (who happens to have friends with the M's and Seahawks) and he treated us to a very special occasion. I got to meet Chris Wilcox, Jose Lopez and Josh Brown and they were all awesome. We spent a few hours talking sports (with Jose being very disappointed in my dad and I) and it was a great time.

With most of my collection being destroyed in that water thing I decided now was as good as any to start anew. So now my teams are the Sonics, M's and Hawks (I still really liked them before though), as well as the Leafs as they are my home town team and there are no hockey teams in Seattle. As well as the Yankees because it is something that me and my dad can bond over.

Well there is my story:salut:

PS: I still like the Jets and Knicks and will definitely get stuff here and there but the Seattle teams are now my primary objectives (as well as the Yanks and Leafs):salut:


Just what we need, another Seahawks fan :rolleyes:

Kidding. If you're looking for any base or low end RCs or inserts, lemme know. I've got a ton of extra Hawks that need a home. And I'll have a few Mariners and Sonics if I ever get around to sorting those out as well.


Bench Warmer
Being the recent victim of a flood, I hear ya on the cards. I've got some extra 'Hawks that could use a home too, I'll see what I can put together.

Best to your Dad Jaime. Tell him the world needs all the soccer hooligan look-a-likes that it can get! ;)