Upper Deck News!! onto plan 2, psst what's plan 2?


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Pulled from another site some of you non Hockey people may not get to. I guess thier plan earlier this year to reel in the non-Brick & Motor Case sellers wasn't working, not sure what this means. Hopefully good news for the case buyers.

Upper Deck Suspends 2007 Hobby Brick & Mortar Program

North Las Vegas, NV: The Upper Deck Company announces today that, effective immediately, the terms of its 2007 Hobby Distribution and Brick & Mortar program will be suspended until further notice. The leading manufacturer of trading cards is committed to the long-term welfare and viability of the hobby market, and is constantly evaluating and looking for ways to help its distributor and retailer partners. While The Upper Deck Company is committed to its current sales program, the short-term health of the Hobby business takes priority at this juncture. As we enter the holiday season, it is important that the Hobby market maximize sales opportunities, end the year strong and prepare for a successful 2008. The Upper Deck Company will revisit its program in the future, and make any and all adjustments that it deems necessary.


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what does this mean ? :)

As stated above not sure what this deal means. Earlier this year UD cracked down on non-Brick & Mortor sellers (sellers without a store front), saying they were going to pull thier distributorships. They did not want any pre-sales on thier products on E-Bay or the net & were trying to stop sellers like Blowout & a few others, it was an effort to help thier Hobby Shop mom & Pop dealers. I did notice Blowout quit advertising UD stuff earlier saying please E-Mail for more info on UD products.

I'm guessing the news will not be good for the Brick & Mortor sellers since it's anything goes again. Look for plan 2 sometime soon as they decide what to try next.


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I heard that Blowout and D and A were no longer getting product direct from UD.


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Good one Kelly!!!

I checked Blowout today & they are back to presale pricing on UD stuff, that sure didn't take long.