Football Upper Deck Loses NFL Liscense


Upper Deck loses its NFL football card license

This means that in 2010, we will have a total of one company providing NFL football cards, and that is Panini

Just WOW!

From UD

That is accurate and really unfortunate. A formal announcement from the NFL will be out soon. We will continue to support all existing NFL redemption programs.


Gotbrady12 said:
WOW ! Does that mean no spa ? exquisite ? What ?

Thats exactly what it means

Upper Deck announced Wednesday evening that it will no longer be licensed to produce NFL trading cards, ending weeks of speculation about what the beleaguered manufacturer’s status for the future might be.
Upper Deck spokesman Terry Melia commented on the decision via one of the company’s Twitter accounts, saying “This just in: UD was unable to come to terms with NFL Properties. No NFL Properties-licensed football cards from UD in 2010. Bummer.”
In a formal statement, Upper Deck owner Richard McWilliam said the company will instead put its focus on its exclusive with the Collegiate Licensing Company and its NHL products after the end of its 19-year run with the NFL
“Over the past year, Upper Deck has attempted to negotiate a new licensing deal with NFL Properties,” McWilliam said. “Unfortunately,despite our best efforts, we were not able to reach agreeable terms, and therefore will not be issuing any NFL Properties-licensed trading cards for the 2010 season. Upper Deck will continue to focus on its exclusive license agreement with the Collegiate Licensing Company and co-exclusive agreements with NHL Enterprises and the NHL Players Association, as well as its multiple entertainment licenses.”
An additional Twitter comment on an Upper Deck account states that the company’s recently released Exquisite line “will be the last one for NFL for the immediate future.”
At this time last year, the Carlsbad, Calif.-based company was a licensee of Major League Baseball, the NFL and the exclusive licensee of NHL cards. Going forward right now, the company has just a MLB Players Association licensing agreement and the NHL, which is no longer an exclusive.
We’ll have more on the story as it develops.


Bench Warmer
So this means whatever Panini puts out is all I will be able to get? or what all exactly is left

press pass

and what else?? 2 of these are college products.

I knew no Topps but now UD? Is Donruss out to I have been under a rock in this dep.

I agree horrible... alot of people are happy about it because UD customer service sucks and they have a ton of redemptions.. but since Topps lost their NFL license it only leave Pannini which makes a cheap looking high end product. Can't imagine a year of football cards without Sp Authentic...Contenders rcs havnt looked nice since 2004 imo