Upgraded my laptop to Windows Vista last night.


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I thought I hosed the thing but it turned out all right. I just needed to update some of the drivers and all is well. A couple things aren't working but.....

I like the sidebar and the gadgets you can add for RSS, Notes, Outlook email, Weather, etc....

Good stuff.


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not sure what any of that meant, but they only sell laptops with VISTA now, i wanted XP when i bought mine but they no have :wave:


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VISTA sucks! My boss just bought a brand-spankin-new computer with Vista.. and Vista won't work with about 90% of the programs we use, everything needs a dang patch.... and it keeps crashing!

It's CRAP :pukerl:

I call BULL$#!t on Microsquish!

Bad bad BAD baaaad


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I haven't had a problem yet and I actually think my laptop is running faster and better than it did with XP. the patches are a one time deal. Once you patch everything you should be fine. I also have the Business edition from work so maybe that makes a difference. the only thing that is totally broken and won't ever work is MS Messenger and I use it for work every day so I'm kind of screwed on that.