Update on my back


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Well I have now mastered steps. I have to take it slow, but I can get up and down them. My scar is itching like a mofo right now (another thing you left out Kelly). Almost completely off anything pain related, Tylonel included. Although I miss the buzzed Cris so I might take up drinking :drunk:

I can't bend over to pick up anything off the floor so if I drop something and have socks on I'm screwed unless I take off my sock and pick it up with my toes. I have learned how to open the DVD player with my feet, I just have to sit on the floor to put the DVD in.

Went to a movie today and made it through almost half of it before having to take anything (1/2 pain pill), butts a little soar but I should have gotten up and stood in the back of the theatre for a bit. Back was a little stiff when we stood up but overall, I did it on my own.

Have been going to the store the last few days. Not for anything in particular but just for a change of scenery and to get out. Glad I'm able to see something other than, Living Room, Kitchen, Hallway, Bathroom, rinse, lather and repeat.

Speaking of lather, I took a shower by myself for the first time yesterday (getting in and out of the tub is interesting when there isn't anything for you to grab on to). Have been getting assistence and then I undress when i turn on the water which makes for wet clothes.

But overall, I think the doc fixed my back. I guess investing about 20k in my back wasn't too stupid. Granted I would have rather spent 20k at Nattys but there is no way I would have been able to fly in the pain I was in, not to mention I would have had to be heavily :drunk::drunk::drunk:heavily medicated to fly since I already act like that person who is scared to fly because I can feel the air pressure change in my shoulder.

Just wanted to give you guys and gals an update. Thanks a lot for your thoughts and prayers in my speedy recovery. Hopefully I won't muck it up.


Hope you feel better soon Scrappy.

If I may ask, how did you injure your back?


What happened? What'd I miss here? How did you hurt your back?

Sure hope you're feeling better!! (can definitely sympathize with the 'room-staring' bit!)

Whatever happened, I'm glad you're up and about, and feeling a little better.;)


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as cheesy as it sounds, I was bending over to pick up a newspaper, off the couch no less, and my back gave out on me. I had been diagnosed with degenerative bone and disc disease a few yrs ago and i guess it took enough of the marrow out of my back that they blow easily. so when i threw my back out, i herniated half of the disc, (blew it out) and the pieces got stuck in the nerve that runs down your butt and leg. so the more i moved, the more it pissed the nerve off and i gradually lost feeling in my right leg and was slowly losing feeling in my left foot just before surgery. i was going to wait 3 more months to do it, but since i was losing more an more feeling, i decided that 6 months was enough time to be in pain and on pain meds.

so now i'm feeling better. i can't stand or sit for too long, so i spend a lot of time laying down and coming up with dumb reasons to walk upstairs cause i don't want to lose the muscle in my legs.

went to a movie yesterday and sat for too long and my hips hurt now and so does my butt. only problem now is cramping calves cause i can't figure out what is causing it since i'm drinking a lot of water.


Wow, that really sucks! Isn't weird how something so simple as bending over can cause such hell?

As far as your legs cramping, I learned in physical therapy once to put your hands on a window sill (or something you can lean in to) , put one foot forward, leg kinda bent and the other foot back flat footed on the floor. Slowly at arms length bring yourself towards the window sill, letting the stretched out leg do just that, stretch. And, repeat it like 5 times, then do it with the other leg. It helps to stretch the muscles without hurting them.

Don't know if I explained how to do it so you can understand it? You'll know if you're doing it right if it kinda pulls your calf muscles but feels really good at the same time. Also don't know if your back can take it, but it's mostly arm work doing it......oh yeah, you're supposed to hold that position for a few seconds or so before leaning back onto it, so the stretch takes hold.

Sure hope you get to feeling better!

p.s. - I don't know what to do about your butt.....maybe have someone kiss it and make it better???? lol :D


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Hey Cris i feel your pain. I had back surgery in Nov of 05. It sucked and before that i lived with constant pain. So i knwo what is liketo feel incompacitaed. So i wish you luck and I knowi feel 1000 times better now than before so i hope youdo too.:D

I do unfortuantly have nerve damage in my ankle on my right side. and i know the Syatic(sp) nerve being pinced sucks. Hope you had surgery early enough to not have lasting issues. I waited almost a year before even saying anything.
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