up for grabs 01-02 rick middleton SP auto from topps archives


Bench Warmer
hi. as mentioned in title is a rick middleton topps archives SP autographed card valued at 200.00!!! . what im doing is putting it in 1 of 15 packs of assorted cards. each pack will have around 30 cards in it. book value of each package will be approx 30.00 . each package will cost $15.00. i will ship out as soon as i sell all 15 packs... i will number each package 1 - 15 and buyer gets choice depending on who gets money in first and work way down list according to the order you pay. so first in gets first choice, last gets last pack!! . cant wait to see if anyones interested!!!.


Bench Warmer

If the grab bag idea doesn't work out, I would be interested in trading for the Middleton. :enjoy: