Ummmmm......holy crap...


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I just found like 6 1000ct. boxes of RC's, #d RC's, parallels, and the like....just going through the beginning of one I found 7 Ellis Hobbs RC's including a Bowmans Best RC #d/499....this is better than buying a box!

LMK if you have any wants...ugh....just found a crapload of Aaron Brooks cards....


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before I passed out last night, I found a small stack (maybe 20 or so) Braylon Edwards RC's. Nothing spectacular but thats what I saw last night :)


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Browns cards!!! Mostly looking for braylon edwards and josh cribbs :D

Hey, I found 40 Braylon RC's. Some doubles. There are 2 Topps Chrome RC's in there.

Also found these Josh Cribbs (I think the bottom right one is the second most rare Cribbs there is)


Top 3 Numbered 983/999, 4/999, and 117/999
Emerald is Numbered73/99


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:doh: I suck so awful on college players...I found a Maurice Clarett Topps Total RC :lollol:

You got a list of players?

Here is a list from 04-07
Also here is a link if you have anything before 04

2007 Ted Ginn Jr. WR Miami Dolphins
2007 Anthony Gonzalez WR Indianapolis Colts
2007 Quinn Pitcock DT Indianapolis Colts
2007 Antonio Pittman RB New Orleans Saints
2007 Jay Richardson DE Oakland Raiders
2007 Roy Hall WR Indianapolis Colts
2007 Troy Smith QB Baltimore Ravens
2007 Doug Datish C Atlanta Falcons
2006 A.J. Hawk OLB Green Bay Packers
2006 Donte Whitner SS Buffalo Bills
2006 Bobby Carpenter LB Dallas Cowboys
2006 Santonio Holmes WR Pittsburgh Steelers
2006 Nick Mangold C New York Jets
2006 Ashton Youboty CB Buffalo Bills
2006 Anthony Schlegel LB New York Jets
2006 Nate Salley DB Carolina Panthers
2006 Rob Sims G Seattle Seahawks
2005 Mike Nugent K New York Jets
2005 Dustin Fox DB Minnesota Vikings
2005 Maurice Clarett -- Denver Broncos
2004 Will Smith DE New Orleans Saints
2004 Chris Gamble CB Carolina Panthers
2004 Michael Jenkins WR Atlanta Falcons
2004 Ben Hartsock TE Indianapolis Colts
2004 Tim Anderson DT Buffalo Bills
2004 B.J. Sander P Green Bay Packers
2004 Darrion Scott DE Minnesota Vikings
2004 Alex Stepanovich C Arizona Cardinals
2004 Will Allen SAF Tampa Bay Buccaneers
2004 Craig Krenzel QB Chicago Bears
2004 Drew Carter WR Carolina Panthers
2004 Rob Reynolds LB Tennessee Titans
2004 Shane Olivea T San Diego Chargers
2004 Adrien Clarke G Philadelphia Eagles


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Hook me up Punk. I know you bought a lot of Longevity boxes. I know Corey Webster, Travis Daniels, Marquise Hill, Chad Lavalais has some cards in there.
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