ud black highlights


Bench Warmer
i try it again. is there anybody with higend cards out of udblack???i like triple or quad au, patches, dual patches, quad patches patches with au. no rookies!!!plmk

i have a few new cards in my bucket.
I have these UD Blacks:

Josh Howard Dual Jsy # to 99
Grant Hill Quad Jsy # to 99
Tyrus Thomas Letterman Auto # to 50

Interested in any of these:
Vince Carter Emblems Exquisite Auto Patch
Josh Childress/Devin Harris Dual Exquisite Auto
Tmac Limited Exquisite Auto Patch
Any Lebron Auto

Feel free to check my bucket and lmk if anything else interests you...almost all is FT
nice cards in youur bucket. i like the quad patch nowi, tmac black of 10. the cards you wrote i only like the thomas letter au. what do you want for this?and if you give the quad patch out of your pc away please let me know.