Two actually interesting stories out of Connecticut today...


Bench Warmer
Most important (link later I am sure), a young girl (15) went missing last June (2006). Police executed a search warrant on the house of a man (who apparently knew family/girl) to obtain DNA evidence and such, and they ended up finding the girl locked in a small closet (locked) hidden behind a dresser.

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Second story is in two parts... YESTERDAY, the town of New Haven (hole on the shore) passed an ordinance what have you granting id cards to all individuals, 'legal citizens' or not. Allows them to access public services, etc. Well TODAY, and according to the INS not related at all to yesterday's town ruling, they raided the streets and picked up 28 or so individuals who had been ordered deported already. They have already been seen by a judge too, so I'm guessing they are going bye bye real quick. Sad part is according to the news, one has a 6 year old daughter who was in school when she got picked up....


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That sick sadistic bastard! When it comes to crimes, especially of a sexual nature, I get sick and wish upon all wishes that the perp get's put into a cell and absolutley tortured or man-handled beyond all means by "Bubba" or someone but not killed. Make/let him experience a missery beyond what he can imagine because of the trama he inflicted upon the poor child. That child will never forget. Instead, he'll get convicted and locked in a "special needs" ward and my taxes will pay for the babysitting him until he dies on his own. This **** pisses me off!!(mods, sorry about the language there)

I am too pissed to even start to have a thought on the second story.


Bench Warmer that man better be locked away for more than 10 years. GRRRRR.

the second story is sad. this is definitely a struggle between federal and state laws....


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the sad thing on the first story is the guy will end up spending 30 days in jail and be let out on "probation" and he'll disappear and snag someone else. really think they should implement a law that predators and pedofiles should have tattoos on their forehead so they can get the crap kicked out of them everywhere they go


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They arrested the man, the 40 year old common law wife, a 26 year old woman living there and put the 14 or 15 yo boy living there into DSF custody.